Announcing F100: Fractal’s Hackathon

This article is written by Brent Liang and Jen Lee from the Fractal team.

When in doubt, fractalize. This past week, the Fractal NFTs traded over $3 million in volume. We listed 10+ games and hosted GaryVee (30M followers) for our first holder-only event.

But this barely scratches the surface of what the utility of Fractal NFTs is. Fractal is about games: we are building for web3 games and their biggest fans. Our NFTs are an invitation to a new reality where games just hit different.

In this future world, a Fractal NFT unlocks new gaming experiences, interactions and rewards.

But this doesn’t have to be a black box. While we are hard at work on figuring out how Fractal NFTs can be leveraged by our gaming partners, we’ve been super impressed by the ideas that our community have come up with on how to give Fractal NFTs utility. Some of you have even started building! Fractal NFTs exist on the open Solana blockchain, and we want to open up the floor to every builder team out there.

Today we are announcing F100 (hinted at on Friday’s hot tub stream), our very own hackathon, where we invite you to team up and build an experience, app or game featuring Fractal NFTs. And yes…there will be a hefty bounty.

The rules are simple:

  • (1) The project you need to build should be an experience, app or game that incorporates Fractal NFTs. This means that there must be some ability for the users to interact with them.
  • (2) Your team must submit a working demo/MVP of your app or game
  • (3) Submit your project here by Feb 19th
  • (4) We will vote on the best project with input from our community

What’s on the line:

  • The winning team gets 100 SOL
  • As well as a random Fractal NFT!

Here’s our judging criteria:

  • Creativity: How creative and clever is the app or game? What is the player or user experience like?
  • Interactivity: How well did you incorporate the Fractal NFT into your app or game? How far did you go to give the Fractal NFT utility?
  • Team: How awesome is your team? Why is the team set up for success?
  • Traction: How far along is the development of your app or game? If your project has traction (on social media etc), that’s great and will get you extra points
  • Vision: Do you have a plan to build this into something? What’s the vision?

Some ideas to get started:

  • A rarity tool that allows users to estimate rarity and browse through the Fractal NFT collection in a cool way
  • An app that allows users to guess Fractal NFT games, like hangman
  • A game where players battle each other based on their Fractal NFT attributes like War
  • Any other ideas you can think of!

The F100 hackathon is STARTING NOW and will go on for a month, ending on Feb 19th. Everyone can view entries here and play with demos. We will open up community voting closer to the end date.

Let’s get this started — if you want to participate, join our Discord, meet people and set up your team in #f100-hackathon. We can’t wait to see all the cool projects coming out of F100! WAGMI. Speak soon, frens.

Submit your hackathon projects at:



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