EFAS The Quest For Gold x Fractal

Welcome to the EFAS x Fractal Tournament!

Take on the unknown with your most trusted comrades. Fight aliens and pirates in hidden hideouts, space hatcheries, lost civilizations’ ruins and beyond. Three unique chapters of gameplay (4 hours+ total), revealed over 3 weeks. Brace for The Quest For Gold in this brave new galaxy.

About Earth From Another Sun

Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) Open-World Sandbox game available on Fractal’s Launchpad. In this Sci-Fi “supergame”, players can romance world leaders, launch planetary assaults or clear epic 10-person Xeno lair raids. EFAS is currently in alpha and updates every 2 weeks. You can find EFAS on Twitter and Discord.

How to Register

  • Go to https://fractal.is/efas, go to “Tournaments” and click “Play Now”
  • Download the game through the launcher (note: the game size is ~20GB so download will likely take 1–2 hours. It’s Windows PC-compatible)
  • Create an account with your Fractal Wallet
  • If you have a tournament early access code from your community, type it to enter the game with your Clan
  • Select “The Quest For Gold” > “New Game”
  • Customize your faction emblem and enter the pod
  • Use the Telecommunications Terminal to play in multiplayer (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Interact with the Captain’s Seat to start the chapter

Early Access

Early Access passes are distributed to a few communities (“Clans”). The tournament (early access mode) will go live with a EA passcode 48 hours before the tournament starts.

The EA passcode will be provided to each Clan. Players with an EA passcode will be able to get in before others and have 48 hours to compete. Their score will count towards the Clan score (see below). Individual scores will refresh once the public tournament starts.

The top scoring player from each Clan will receive a customized EFAS Clan “Hall of Fame” Battleship NFT. If multiple players from the Clan share the high score, they will all be eligible for the Battleship NFT. One Battleship NFT is also rewarded to a random player from each Clan.

The EA Clans for this tournament are (in alphabetical order):

  • Ancient 8, Bōryoku Dragonz, Cets on Creck, Communi3, Ghost Kidz, Famous Fox Federation, Fractal, Polkastarter Gaming Guild (PGG), MetaOps, Solana Monke Business/MonkeDAO, Sovana, The Harvest, Xborg, 3D Gamers Guild

Tournament Schedule

The first two Chapters of the tournament have been revealed. Pirate Hideout has officially ended. The Hatchery is currently live.

The tournament will end on Aug 6th 7pm PT.

Tournament Format

  • Read the in-game instructions carefully
  • We recommend attempting each Chapter with a team (max 4)
  • Each game you complete gives you a score based on your kills and completion time
  • Heroic and Master Mode will give higher scores and have better loots

You have unlimited attempts. Players are ranked on Fractal leaderboard based on their Player Total Score.


Individual prizes

  • Individual players are ranked on a “Player Total Score” linked to their Fractal Wallet. This is a cumulative sum of a player’s best scores from each Chapter
  • You can get more score from a Chapter by clearing more monsters, finishing the objective faster, or attempting a harder game mode
  • You can attempt a Chapter as many times as you want. Only your best score will be recorded on the leaderboard
  • Once a Chapter finishes, your best score from that Chapter will be fixed
  • Top ranking players (multiple identical scores = same team) can claim from a 150 SOL prize pool (1st team 80 SOL + 8 Genesis Spaceship free mints, 2nd team 50 SOL + 4 Genesis Spaceship free mints, 3rd team 20 SOL)

Clan prizes

  • Each player can pledge allegiance to a Clan upon logging into the game
  • Scores from the top 10 players from each Clan are added to the Clan
  • We will post total Clan scores when the tourney finishes
  • Top Clan wins 100 SOL for their community



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