Ev.io x Fractal: Fractal Cup II

Survive against zombies and win SOL for every kill

We launched the Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat. Join to get real-time updates and 24/7 support on all our tournaments!

About Ev.io

Tournament Format & Dates

Survival: health no longer regenerates in survival but you will find health and armor packs on the map
Survival: every 10 waves, your earn rate DOUBLES (goes up incrementally with each wave e.g. at wave 5 you earn 50%+)
Survival: waves are harder with stronger zombies
Survival: doubled the resurrect time
Fractal event: whitelist tokens will start to drop at wave 10
Fractal event: whitelist drop chance increases with each wave past 10, doubling at wave 30 and maxing out at 3x (wave 90)
Fractal event: equipping a Hut 8 1st edition character NFT (or non-NFT skin) will increase your chance to see whitelist tokens by 10% per player in the room with the skin. e.g. with 4 Hut 8 skins, your chances of seeing whitelist token is 40% greater
Crouch is no longer instant

Hut 8 x Ev.io Mint

Hut 8 is driving innovation and providing the foundation for the digital economy through high performance computing infrastructure, cutting-edge technology solutions, and digital asset mining. You can read more about them here https://hut8mining.com/high-performance-computing/


Date: January 24th at 1 PM EST (whitelist, then public phase)

Location: https://mint.ev.io

4 Character NFTs, and 2 weapons


PLUS a 10K sidepot, from which only HUT 8 NFTs can earn from! This means each NFT could in theory earn back $33 (more or less depending on skill & dedication) from playing just from the sidepot. We'll likely distribute the sidepot by greatly amplifying earnings on Hut 8 NFTs for a short period of time.

Points, E earnings and SOL


Help, Feedback and Support



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