Ev.io x Fractal: Halloween Bash (Fractal Cup)

The first truly web3 P2E tournament is here

We are stoked to introduce the Fractal x Ev.io Halloween Bash tournament!

Rack up zombie kills in Ev.io, one of the most popular blockchain FPS that lives in your browser. Earn SOL for every kill you make. 100% free to play. Macbook-compatible.

The tournament ends when the $10000 (~356 SOL) prize pool budget runs out. Hurry up, get in early and start earning. LFG 👻

About Ev.io

Ev.io is a Fractal Launchpad game. It’s a play to earn blockchain FPS, and ranked top 5 in Polkastarter Gaming’s Top 5 Blockchain FPS Picks (2022). Equip a character skin, weapon and sword to start earning e (which converts to SOL) for every kill. You can find Ev.io on Twitter and Discord.

Tournament Format

During the Halloween Bash (Fractal Cup) event, all players can earn in the Ev Halloween Bash game mode just by playing with a Fractal Wallet, without holding Ev NFTs or anything else in the Fractal Wallet.

To do this: go to www.fractal.is/ev/tournaments, click “Play Now”. Log into your ev account, link it with the Fractal Wallet in your profile, then enter the game mode.

If you are already an NFT holder and use another wallet, you’ll want to switch to Fractal Wallet for this event (no need to transfer your NFTs),

You can then start killing zombies and earning! The Halloween Bash is a PvE 4-person co-op survival. Kill zombies and bosses, survive as long as you can.

Finding a 4-person team (ask your friends) is a good idea because teams which coordinate will earn the most.

The tournament will last for 5 days, or end when the $10000 prize pot is “used up” by all players, whichever comes first.

Points, E earnings and SOL

Players are ranked on the Fractal leaderboard by “Points”, which they earn based on their in-game performance (namely, killing zombies and surviving!)

Fractal Wallet players competing during Halloween Bash will receive e earnings for every kill they make. This can be cashed out for SOL and will be sent to their Fractal Wallet when the tournament ends.

There’s an earning cap per day, which will change based on how quickly the prize pot is earned.

Notes from ev: the earning cap will be many times more than what the current 24-hour earn cap is for standard earn modes, since it’s an enormous amount of money distributed in a short period of time.

Explainer Video

Watch this explainer video to learn more:


This is the first time we are trying out a web3-native tournament format where prizes aren’t sent only to top players on the leaderboard.

We think a play-to-earn tournament where every player can play and walk away with something is a unique future enabled by blockchain gaming.

We’d love to hear about your feedback on this! Please DM us on Fractal Twitter. We look forward to talking to you 🙂



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