Ev.io x Fractal: Seasons / Monthly Earn

Earn Proof of Play and qualify for monthly earn events

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Welcome to this Fractal x Ev.io update!

Fractal is partnering with one of our best games Ev.io to offer a new play experience. Players can now participate in Ev’s open Seasons on Fractal in their own time, and earn Proof of Play collectibles with their leaderboard placement, which can be crafted to unlock access to the monthly Fractal Earn events.

Each Season will take place for 4 weeks. Read below for more details.

About Ev.io

Ev.io is a Fractal Launchpad game. It’s a play-to-earn blockchain FPS, and ranked top 5 in Polkastarter Gaming’s Top 5 Blockchain FPS Picks (2022). Equip a character skin, weapon and sword to start earning e (which converts to SOL) for every kill. You can find Ev.io on Twitter and Discord.

Season Formats

Each month, Ev will launch its Seasonal Tournament on Fractal. Each Season will continue for 4 weeks (roughly 1 month). During each Season, every player who plays Ev with a Fractal Wallet will show on Fractal’s seasonal leaderboard.

To play in a Season:

  • Sign up or log in with your Ev account here
  • Link your Ev account with Fractal Wallet in your profile
  • Play Ev as you would normally
Log into your Ev account and find “Connect Wallet” under “Crypto”.
Connect with Fractal Wallet to proceed.

Players will be ranked on e earnings, which can be earned in any game mode. This means there is no particular game mode for the Ev Seasons. Seasons will be open to everyone, though e earnings can only be acquired through playing with a Character, Weapon or Sword NFT (you can purchase one on Fractal or rent through Ev in its #scholarships Discord channel).

Proof of Play Collectibles

At the end of each Season, Fractal and Ev will issue Season POPs, in recognition of every player’s placement on the leaderboard. These will be divided into 3 ranks.

An example of Ev x Fractal Season 1 Proof of Play collectibles.
  • Platinum: awarded to the top 10 players on the leaderboard
  • Gold: awarded to the next 100 players (11th-111th)
  • Silver: awarded to the next 300 players (112th-412th)
  • Bronze: awarded to every other player on the leaderboard

* This schedule is subject to change based on player feedback.

Deathmatch Earn (DM Earn) and Survival

Players who hold Platinum POPs from any Season can burn 1x Platinum POP to redeem a DM Earn event ticket, which is usable once and might have a limited supply.

The DM Earn event has a $5000 prize pool and happens at the end of each Season. During the $5000 DM Earn event, a special game mode will be available to ticketed players, who will play to receive a massive earning boost (~5–15x, based on the number of players).

Watch the pro replays from S1 Deathmatch Earn.

The DM Earn event will run over 24 hours. Players playing in DM Earn will receive high e earnings for every kill they make (since it’s an enormous amount of money being distributed in a short period of time).

Payout is instant: the bonus earning will be made instantly in Ev upon every kill via e earnings. Players can cash out e earnings for SOL or USDC in their own time. We’ve hosted DM Earn events in the past (though the event duration is different and it didn’t require a POP) — you can read more about the format here.

During the DM Earn event, Fractal Survival game mode will also open up. Players who don’t have an event ticket can play in Fractal Survival. DM event tickets will drop randomly around the map! If you missed your shot in the Season, make sure to play in some PvE Survival to claim from the $5000 cash pot!

Check out the survival mode gameplay here!


Players are able to craft POPs into higher tier ones by combining 3 of a kind. For example:

  • 3x Silver = 1 x Gold
  • 3x Gold = 1x Platinum

You can buy and trade these collectibles on Ev’s marketplace on Fractal. You can use any POPs from any Season to craft. For example, if you want to redeem a ticket for the upcoming S3 DM Earn event, you can:

  • Burn a S3 Platinum POP
  • Combine 3x S3 Gold to craft a S3 Platinum POP, then burn it
  • Combine 2x S3 Gold with 1x S2 Gold to craft a S3 Plat POP, then burn it
  • Combine 9x S2 Silver into 3x S3 Gold to craft a S3 Plat POP, then burn it

The possibilities are endless! Crafting POPs and burning to redeem event tickets can be done in the #crafting channel in Fractal Discord.

Follow the prompts of the Fractal bot to craft your POPs and tickets! Note: Ev and Fractal will always reserve the right to change or update the crafting recipes.

Use the Fractal bot /craft command to craft your POPs!


Fractal and Fractal game partners reserve the right to disqualify tournament players in the event of cheating.

It is considered cheating and is strictly prohibited to:

  • Tamper with the game to gain an advantage over other players
  • Use third-party software/macros to automate gameplay
  • Use third-party software to modify game data
  • Share your wallet or account
  • Tamper with your report score
  • Exploit a bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players

Cheating will result in disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of any leaderboard prizes. Fractal also reserves the right to terminate cheaters’ accounts and prevent their entry in future tournaments. Fractal reserves the right to update its anti-cheating policies.

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Fractal Discord. All prizes will be distributed within a week after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join our Discord.




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