Ev.io x Fractal: Wagmi Wednesdays

Play to earn SOL and NFTs every week on Fractal

We are stoked to introduce the Fractal x Ev.io Wagmi Wednesday tournaments!

Rack up headshots in Ev.io, one of the most popular blockchain FPS that lives in your browser. Earn SOL for each pro play you make. Top players get Ev.io NFTs every week. Will we see you on the leaderboard?

About Ev.io

Ev.io is a Fractal Launchpad game. Experience the Halo of web3 and the most popular shooter game on Solana. Jump in with PvP, PvE, 10+ maps and 20+ weapons. Play solo or team up in deathmatch, mayhem, team royale and tournaments, all from the comfort of your browser. You can find Ev.io on Twitter and Discord.

Tournament Requirements

To be eligible in the Fractal x Ev.io weekly, you need to:

  • Have an Ev.io account linked to a Fractal Wallet, and
  • Hold a Character or Weapons Ev.io NFT in your Fractal Wallet

There is no separate tournament instance for the Fractal x Ev.io weekly’s. You can play Ev.io as normal, and your score will show up on the Fractal leaderboard automatically.

You can buy an Ev.io NFT on Fractal. Only owned NFTs accrue e earnings (not lent NFTs).

You can link your Ev.io account to Fractal Wallet by registering/logging in at ev.io/user/login, then connecting at the profile screen in the main menu.

Tournament Format

Players are ranked on the leaderboard by “Points”, which are 1:1 with in-game e earnings.

The leaderboard will refresh every week. The calculation of Points is as follows:

P (Points) = 0.5 * V * X * G * (C+W+S)

  • V: victory or loss (1 for loss, 1.5 for victory)
  • X: score (see chart below)
  • G: global earn rate / 100, currently 0.02
  • C: Character NFT (1 for common, 1.05 for rare, 1.10 for epic, 1.15 for legendary)
  • W: Weapon NFT (1 for common, 1.05 for rare, 1.10 for epic, 1.15 for legendary)
  • S: Sword NFT (1 for common, 1.05 for rare, 1.10 for epic, 1.15 for legendary)

e earnings can be cashed out for SOL in Ev.io.

Tournament Schedule

Ev Wagmi Wednesdays will start every Wednesday 8:00am PT and continue for 24 hours.

Tournament Prizes

Top 3 on the Fractal leaderboard per week will receive a special Fractal skin.

Players placing 4th, 5th and 6th will receive a random Fractal NFT (you can read more about them here).

This prize pool might change (stay turned for surprises on Fractal Twitter!). We might also do surprise NFT airdrops to random tournament players 😊



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