Introducing: The Fractal Launchpad

Powering the next generation of games.

This article was written by Felix and David from the Fractal team.

When we say we’re building for web3 games and their biggest fans, we really mean it. Today, we take a huge step towards fulfilling that promise by officially announcing the Fractal Launchpad!

The Fractal Launchpad allows game developers to raise capital via the sale of their digital in-game assets (think Kickstarter for web3 games). Players will have the power to support their favorite projects while taking part in the journey of building the game, and enjoy early-access collection and trading of assets in preparation for the game’s eventual release. As the mint timer counts down, you’ll find details regarding price, supply, whitelist, and following mints. Scroll further down and you’ll find information about the project, team, and social links.

Take a look at our first Launchpad partner, House of Sparta!

Our first launchpad partner: House of Sparta

This will be the first of many steps in positioning Fractal as the premier choice for web3 game projects to mint and launch with, all while providing continuous support to our partners and their die-hard fans.

Before purchasing any asset, make sure to take the time to learn about the project and team behind the game. For every game we launch with, we try to interview the founders on our Fractal Radio series. These conversations allow our community to dive deep into the talented teams behind every game and discover their unique stories, motivations, passion, gameplay dynamics, and long-term vision.

Fractal Radio featuring Genopets: the first move-to-earn game.

Whether a game is worth supporting is entirely up to you, but don’t underestimate inexperienced or small teams. When Justin started Twitch, many would have said that he wasn’t ‘qualified’ to start it. But the winners aren’t always the most qualified. Big things can come from anywhere, no matter how unlikely their origin.

“Not everyone can be a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” — Anton Ego (Ratatouille, 2007).

At Fractal, we’re hunting for those that are the most passionate about games and the hungriest to succeed. Just like Shopify gave people the opportunity to become self-powered merchants, Fractal hopes to unlock those same opportunities for the next generation of game creators. While we want to lower the bar for game creation and give creators the opportunity to get their start, we also have a duty to ensure the safety of our community by rigorously vetting projects before onboarding them. We’re committed to eliminating malicious and uncertain actors while also giving unproven teams the opportunity they deserve. It’s a balancing act, and while we can’t promise that we’ll be perfect, this is a goal that we will always be striving towards.

We believe that the next Fortnite or Halo will be built on web3.

Despite being a free-to-play game, Fortnite has generated over $1 billion through in-game micro-transactions.

Web3 intuitively aligns the incentives of both player and game developers, unlocking a collaborative dynamic previously unseen in ‘traditional’ gaming. By taking their community along for the journey and allowing players to own their assets freely, games will attract true fans who, with time, will become their biggest advocates and spokespeople. This ultimately provides the best experience for both gaming projects and their players, and it is one of the most exciting reasons for having a launchpad right here on Fractal.

Web3 games can and will grow quicker than ever before.

To achieve the grand vision of web3 gaming and to create the next Fortnite or Halo, it’s going to take a lot of trial and error and a whole lot of games to be built. Some games won’t pan out, but with time, clear winners will emerge that may grow bigger than anyone ever expected. In any case, we believe that the Fractal Launchpad is the first monumental step in accelerating this movement.

If you’re a game developer and resonate with our vision, let’s talk. Submit your project here, launch with Fractal, and join us on this exciting journey.




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