How to mint an Angelic Poster NFT

The Angelic Posters mint on the Fractal Launchpad will be split into one phase.

  1. Gold List (Gold Tokens): In this phase, 1,600 Angelic Posters will be available to mint. Tokens will be sent to select Angelic allowlist holders, as well as members of Fractal community via sign up. 1 token will entitle you to mint 1 NFT. Minting starts on October 7th, 8am PT and run for 12 hours. If any NFTs remain, they will be rolled over into the Treasury. Price: 0 SOL

Total supply of Posters is 2,000. 400 will be pre-minted and rolled towards the Treasury. The tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet if you are eligible some time before the mint date. Fractal always recommends minting with a Fractal wallet funded with your token(s), and just the SOL you intend to spend in the mint + a little extra for Solana transaction fees.

Here is a brief video recording showing how whitelist tokens can be exchanged for an NFT during the mint:


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