League of Kingdoms x Fractal: Polygon Launch Tournament

Grow your empire and win in the Great Kingdom event

5 min readJan 18


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Welcome to the Fractal x League of Kingdoms Polygon Launch Tournament!

Fractal launched on Polygon on Jan 24 and we are excited to bring you a free playable tournament with League of Kingdoms, one of our favorite MMO games on Polygon. For a week, participate in the great LOK tradition of the Great Kingdom event, achieve daily objectives, gain trophies, rank on the leaderboard and win from a sweet cash pot of $5000. 3 of the most popular guilds (Avocado DAO, YGG and Indi.GG) will be making an appearance. Brace for it, the competition is going to be fierce!

About League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is an MMO strategy game where gamers fight for dominion. You can fully own and seamlessly trade digital assets as NFTs, as well as participate in governance through a transparent voting and congress system. You can find out more about LOK on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

  • Go to LOK’s project page on Fractal and click “Play Now”
  • Read the instructions below to sign up / play with your existing account
  • Participate in the Great Kingdom campaign in-game

Players are ranked by “Points” on the Fractal leaderboard. You can earn points by completing daily objectives during the Great Kingdom event. Scores on the Fractal leaderboards are updated every hour.

Sign In, Existing Players & Fractal Leaderboards

Since the Great Kingdom event is based on resources, established players will have a head start over new players. Players are allowed to speed up their progress via resource package purchases.

In the spirit of fair play, Fractal is setting up two separate leaderboards for the tournament. Players in LOK with existing accounts can use wallet connect to associate their account with a Fractal Wallet and show up on the “Existing Players Leaderboard” on Fractal. They can play in the tournament with their existing buildings, structures and resources.

*Note: you can only register / connect with a wallet on the desktop browser version of LOK (not on mobile). You can connect on desktop and keep playing in mobile after on the same account.

This is what the leaderboard for existing players looks like on Fractal.
Existing players can link their Fractal Wallet in wallet connect, under the “NFT” tab.

New players will show up on the “New Players Leaderboard” on Fractal upon login. This is a separate leaderboard with its own prizings. New players can input an optional referral code (all cap) upon login:

  • FRACTAL1 — if you are a Fractal player
  • AVOCADO1 — if you come from Avocado DAO
  • YGGINLOK — if you come from Yield Guild
  • INDIGG11 — if you come from Indi.GG

Associating your account with a referral code links your account to guild performance and will make you eligible for future benefits in the game, subject to LOK team’s discretion.

This is what the leaderboard for new players looks like on Fractal.
Enter your referral code at the bottom right corner of the screen.
When you are ready, Sign In with Fractal to make a new account.

About the Great Kingdom Event

The Great Kingdom campaign is a monthly recurring event tradition in LOK that continues for 5 days. You can find the event in the “Quest” tab, under the “Event” category. Each day, there’s a different global objective. Players who are able to complete them will earn points and move up on the leaderboard.

Please refer to in-game rules and tutorials for authority on the Great Kingdom event, including stage rewards, earning bonuses, NFTs and more. The Fractal tournament rewards are in addition to any in-game rewards.

Tournament Schedule

The tournament will take place on Jan 31, 00:00 UTC and continue for 5 days, ending on Feb 5, 00:00 UTC.


The top 200 players on each of the two Fractal leaderboards qualify for the $5000 cash pot and other prizes. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place: $500
  • 2nd place: $350
  • 3rd place: $225
  • 4–10th place: $75 / each
  • 11–50th place: $10 / each
  • 51–100th place: $5 / each
  • 101–200th place: $2.5 / each

Moreover, the top 50 players on the OG Players leaderboard will each receive a Drago Mystery Box. The 51–100th player on the OG Players leaderboard will each receive a $9.99 package NFT.

The top 100 players on the New Players leaderboard will each receive a $4.99 package NFT.

The payout will be in the form of USDT, sent to each player’s Fractal wallet directly.

An example Drago Mystery Box.
An example of in-game NFT package purchases.

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Fractal Discord or Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat.

Exploiting, cheating, or any unfair play can result in a player’s disqualification from the tournament.

All prizes will be distributed within a week after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join our Discord / TG channel.




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