Pixel Guild x Fractal: Alpha Tournament

Complete the Forest Hunt to win $1000

Welcome to the Fractal x Pixel Guild Alpha Tournament!

Warm your hands by the fire, crack your knuckles, and reach for your weapon. The Forest Treasure Hunt is now open! Collect coins in the Forrest Hunt level to win from a $1000 prize pool. Beware, this is not for faint hearted, so calm yourself and prepare for one hell of an adventure.

About Pixel Guild

Pixel Guild is an action-based free-to-play game on Solana, where a collection of Guild Heroes compete for glory. Earn, trade, and compete to increase your rewards in Solana’s first platformer. Maximize your earning potential by acquiring Pixel Guild NFTs and participating in Competitions, Challenges and Community Events! You can find Pixel Guild on Twitter and Discord (read their whitepaper for more info).

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will take place on Dec 5th, 2pm PT and continue for 7 days, ending on Dec 12th, 2pm PT.

How to Play


  • Go to https://fractal.is/pixel-guild/tournaments and click “Play Now” (you will need a desktop computer)
  • Sign in with Fractal Wallet to start participating in the tournament or link your Fractal Wallet at the “End of Level” screen to register your score
  • Complete “The Forest” level for your score to register on the Fractal Leaderboard
  • If you die, your score for that particular playthrough will be reset. Be careful!
  • That’s it, you are ready to play! Good luck!


The faster your time, and the more coins you gather, the higher score you will achieve. Players are ranked by their score on the Fractal leaderboard.

  • Score = time score (x²) + coins
  • Each coin collected adds to you score 1:1


  • W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Space Bar = Jump
  • Left Click or C = Shoot
  • W or Up Arrow = Talking and Going through Doors
  • X = End Dialogue
  • S or Down Arrow = Crawl
  • CTRL = Camera Down
  • Shift = Camera Up
  • Esc = Main Menu


This tournament has a 1000 $USDC and 10 x Pixel Guild NFT prize pool.

Top 15 players qualify for this prize pool. The distribution is as follows:

  • 1st place: 500 $USDC
  • 2nd place: 250 $USDC
  • 3rd place: 150 $USDC
  • 4th-5th place: 50 $USDC / each
  • 6th-15th: 1 x Pixel Guild NFT / each

Prizes will be sent out within the week after the tournament ends.



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