Pocket Space x Fractal: Mini Rocket Mission

Build the biggest rocket to win a free mint!

Welcome to the Fractal x Pocket Space Mini Rocket Mission Tournament!

Gather resources to build and upgrade your rocket! The more you play, the taller your rocket is, and the higher you will rank on the Fractal leaderboard. Will you be able to take off in 3 days?

About Pocket Space

Pocket Space is a Fractal Launchpad game. Pocker Space is an Idle Arcade with sandbox, crafting and RPG elements with multiplayer and a universe of player-owned planets. You can find Pocket Space on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

  • Go to https://fractal.is/pocketspace/tournaments and click “Play Now”
  • Download the game on your phone
  • Input your Discord ID (if you join Pocket Space’s Discord, you will be marked with a WL role)
  • Sign in with Fractal to start participating in the tournament (note: only Fractal Wallet users are eligible to be on the Fractal leaderboard)
  • That’s it, you are ready to play!

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will start on Sep 26th 8am PT and continue for 72 hours, ending on Sep 29th, 8am PT.

Tournament Format

  • You land with a rocket, depleted with resources
  • As you walk around, you will be able to gather resources (wood, iron, etc) and fight enemies
  • By strategically trading and using your resources, you will gradually expand your territory, allowing you to gather upgraded resources
  • Bring your resources to your rocket to level up

You can play for as long as you want during the tournament period. Players are ranked on Fractal leaderboard based on their “Score”, which takes into account their Rocket Level and the time the rocket has been built. You can read about how Scores are calculated here.


  • The top 15 players on the leaderboard will receive a free mint each
  • The next 500 players (16th-516th) will receive a Gold WL each, which allows for unlimited mints
  • All other players on the leaderboard will receive a Silver WL for Pocket Space’s upcoming mint



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