POG x Fractal: Genesis Degen Cup

Play Pogs and help your favorite community win

Welcome to the Fractal x POG Genesis Degen Cup Tournament!

Our favorite web3 communities are coming head-to-head in this Pog battle showdown. Swear your allegiance to one of the 13 OG POG communities (DeGods, VeeFriends, y00ts, Okay Bears and more), and help them take home the grand prize with each game you play. Who have you got?

About POG

POG, The Game You Collect, was the first game and collectible sold as trading cards. POG discs featured artwork from POGMAN™, the brand’s legendary mascot, as well as more than 100 licensed brands like Disney Pocahontas, Lion King, Toy Story, Star Wars, Barbie, Smurf, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Power Rangers, Pokémon, the NHL, and more… And now we are bringing our collectibles to the Solana Blockchain. You can find POG Digital on Twitter and Discord.

How to Play

  • Go to https://www.fractal.is/pog/tournament and click “Play Now”
  • Sign in with Fractal to start participating in the tournament (note: only Fractal Wallet users are eligible to be on the Fractal leaderboard)
  • Pick a community to play for to start the game.
  • Press “Play” when the game finishes loading. You can play in either Single Player or Multiplayer for the tournament.
  • Single Player: you can compete against Pogman. On the POG Selection Screen, Poggers will select the Pogs they will be playing with, along with the weight of the slammer and the surface of the arena.
  • Multiplayer: click “Play”, enter “Online Multiplayer”, and you will see the drop down to switch regions above “Quick Match”.

Each Poggers’ Score will be added to their individual and community total scores.

Game Mechanics

A Pog Flip to start will determine which Pogger Slams first. To start playing, you need to aim your hammer.

  • Step 1: click and hold in the place you’d like to release the Slammer.
  • Step 2: pull upward to set the raw power. Move left or right to set the angle.
  • Higher powers require more accurate release timing. Try to release when the horizontal indicator is closest to the center.
  • Step 3: unclick to release the Slammer into the stack of POGs.

You win a match if you can flip more POGs than your opponent. Your score “Won” on the leaderboard will be the number of matches you won. This is tallied into the community leaderboard based on the community you choose.

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will start on October 1st, 8 am PT, and continue for 5 days, ending on Oct 6th, 8 am PT.


Top Community wins 1 complete Founding Pogger Set (14 Pieces)

Top Individual Poggers each earns 1 piece of a Founders’ Set

  • 1st place = Slammer (current floor: 175 Sol)
  • 2nd place = Secret Rare
  • 3rd-6th place = Rare
  • 7–14th place = Common



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