Shatterpoint x Fractal: Pre-Season

Be the first to get in Shatterpoint in its initial game launch

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Welcome to the Fractal x Shatterpoint Pre-Season tournament!

The Shattering is here. We are excited to host a tournament with Shatterpoint during their closed alpha. This is a special event before Shatterpoint’s Open Beta, which is due to begin in April. We are offering everyone who links their account with Fractal Wallet a spot to try it out!

For 4 weeks, be the first to play in Shatterpoint PvP and rank up on the Fractal leaderboard. To do this, play in PvE to reach level 10 first, then wait for the arena open times every day to queue for PvP ranked matches (it’s going to get competitive!). The top players will receive rewards at the end of each week and after the Pre-Season finishes. Founder NFT holders will get bonus rewards. There’s a grand prize pool of $1000. Are you ready to play?

About Shatterpoint

Shatterpoint is a free-to-play, free-to-own action mobile RPG. Players choose their battles, challenge others, and survive “The Shattering”: a continuous cycle of destruction and death, represented in seasons, with new content, enemies and campaign rewards. From Regalia, Mulsegye to beyond, players can upgrade abilities and equipment through PvE narrative experiences or PvP battles. You can find more about Shatterpoint on Twitter and Discord.

How to play

  • Go to Shatterpoint’s project page on Fractal and click “Play Now”
  • Download the game from Apple Store or Google Play
  • Log into the game
  • Follow the in-game instructions to create a BlockGames account
  • You must link the BlockGames account to Fractal using this link here. If you won’t link the accounts, we will not be able to fetch your leaderboard stats
  • You can now start playing. You will need to finish the tutorial and PvE campaigns and reach Level 10 before entering Ranked PvP matchmaking (it should take approx ~15 mins)
  • Once you’ve unlock Ranked PvP matchmaking, you can queue during ranked match hours to gain PvP Trophy on the Fractal leaderboard

Note: if you have a Founder Hero NFT. You need to hold it in your Fractal Wallet to be eligible for holder rewards (read about it more below).

Winning a Ranked PvP match will grant 5 Trophies, losing will grant 1. Quitting while the match is in progress will yield 0 Trophies.

You can improve your PvP odds by upleveling your gears and abilities. This can be done through PvE campaigns, as well as randomized weekly challenges, which will grant quest rewards in Quantus Dust and rare Rune NFTs.

PvP Matchmaking and Ranked Hours

Keep your own timer for the ranked match countdown at the bottom right corner.

All players above level 10 can participate in PvP ranked matches. The PvP arena will only open up at selective times of the day: 4 hours in total per day, from 11:00 -13:00 UTC and 00:00–02:00 UTC. This is the only way to rank up on the leaderboard for the Shatterpoint Pre-Season tournament.

Your arena timer at the bottom right corner will show when ranked matches start. There will not be push notifications when you exit the app (coming soon!) — we recommend keeping your own timer outside of Shatterpoint to make sure you don’t miss out.

The Shattering

Shatterpoint has a unique game mechanic of “The Shattering”. Every week, players’ character level and equipment items will reset, while runes and resources will be preserved (“shatter-proof”). The Pre-Season will reward weekly winners, as well as the overall winners who have top cumulative rankings across the 4 weeks.

You can read about this more in the “Prizes” section.

Tournament Schedule

This tournament will take place on Mar 27, 12pm UTC and continue for 4 weeks, ending on Apr 23, 12pm UTC.


This tournament has a prize pool consisting of in-game rewards (non-cash) and $1000 USDC (cash).

Top players with high cumulative rankings over the 4 weeks will be eligible for cash rewards. Founder Hero NFT holders will get bonus rewards.

Weekly — non-cash rewards

Weekly winners (reset after each Shattering) will receive the following:

For Founder Hero NFT holders:

  • Top 3 will receive 1x Founder Hero NFT
  • Top 10 will receive 1x Hero NFT gift card

For all other players:

  • Top 5 will receive 5500 Dust / 100 Quantus / 5000 Shards
  • Top 25 will receive 2000 Dust / 40 Quantus / 2000 Shards
  • Top 100 will receive 650 Dust / 10 Quantus / 800 Shards

The payout for weekly winners will be done via the game every week and not through the Fractal leaderboard.

Pre-season — $1000 cash reward

At the end of the Pre-Season, if you hold a Founder’s Hero NFT, you will qualify for a $600 prize pot, distributed as follows:

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $80
  • 3rd place: $70
  • 4–5th place: $50 / each
  • 6–10th place: $30 / each
  • 11–20th place: $10 / each

Non-holders (free-to-play) will qualify for the following prize structure:

  • 1st-50th place: $3 / each
  • 50–100th place: $2 / each
  • 100–250th place: $1 / each


Fractal and Fractal game partners reserve the right to disqualify tournament players in the event of cheating.

It is considered cheating and is strictly prohibited to:

  • Tamper with the game to gain an advantage over other players
  • Use third-party software / macros to automate gameplay
  • Use third-party software to modify game data
  • Share your wallet or account
  • Tamper with your reported score
  • Exploit a bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players

Cheating will result in disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of any leaderboard prizes.

Fractal also reserves the right to terminate cheaters’ accounts and prevent entry in future tournaments. Fractal reserves the right to update its anti-cheating policies.

Help, Feedback and Support

For any issues, inquiries or feedback, please let us know in the Fractal Discord or Play on Fractal ⚡️ Telegram chat.

All prizes will be distributed within a week after the tournament ends. For winner announcements and other live updates, please join our Discord / TG channel.




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